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Product Poll extension mainly aims for a statistical consolidation of the customer’s preference using a vote. This voting is done on the products which the vendor would like to bring into the store based on customer preferences. The plugin helps vendor in making important business decisions such as increasing the inventory, introducing the most appropriate and sellable products, taking products off the shelf and so on.


The vendor can set up a poll for his/her customers where they can vote for their favourite products which in turn will help the vendor to analyse the current trends of the market and the customer needs. The result of the poll would be available in the admin side. (The product voting can even be configured against product sizes based on their SKU code. This would ensure that the vendor gets a count against the most sellable size under a specific product type).


  • There is a link to vote for the corresponding product in the product listing page and product description page.


    • Category dedicated for product poll

The vendor could use a particular category or more than one categories dedicated for product poll. All the products in this category or categories would have the voting options available. These categories could be chosen from the backend.

    • Flexibility about where the poll should be taken

The product poll can be performed in the product description page or in the product listing page. There are admin configurations available to select where the poll should take place. The poll can be taken in both the places or selectively on a particular page as per the requirements.

  • Vote List in backend
  • The vendor can see how many votes a corresponding product got along with the product name & sku in the admin panel. (Provide details on whether there can be a report generated, on how it can be exported and what file format, details on search fields – like SKU code, date range of polls, category dropdown etc)


    • This plugin would be very useful for vendors who would like to take a poll before introducing a product in their stores
    • It also provides statistical analysis about the customer trends and choice of products

already in the store.

  • The extension primely focuses on retrieving data about customer needs and their shopping trends thereby providing inputs in managing stock inventory status and ordering additional stocks

How To Install

How to Install?

  1. Unzip the package
  2. Copy the package to app/code/Terrificminds folder in your magento2 root directory
  3. Run the setup upgrade command
    php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  4. Run the di compile command
    php bin/magento setup:di:compile
  5. Run the static content deploy command
    php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

How to Configure?

  1. Login to Admin Dashboard
  2. Navigate to TERRIFICMINDS > Product Poll > Configuration
  3. Configure the plugin
    • Enable: Use to enable or disable the plugin.
    • Show in Product Listing: Use to enable the product poll in the listing page.
    • Show in Product Description: Use to enable the product poll in the product description
    • page.
    • Categories: Choose the category which contains the products which are to be taken for the poll.
  4. Click on the Save Config button.

Poll Results

  1. Login to Admin Dashboard
  2. Navigate to TERRIFICMINDS > Product Poll > Product Votes
  3. Checkout the Product Poll results


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